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Morn all,

Am excited as I've just bought my first super bike - 2001 R1 after several years on a gpz 500 - I definitely noticed a big improvement (had to chuckle to myself as a BMW 5 series tried to overtake me in vain the other day!)

As I finally have a bike worth stealing I thought I could do with some advice. My old gpz wasn't worth much, so I felt pretty safe commuting into London and leaving parked outside my office overnight, not so with the R1.

I'd like to ask people's opinion of whether datatags/alarms/immobilisers are worth the money (didn't make a difference on my premium). I have a heavy duty chain lock, but the only downside to that is if someone tries to steal my bike but fails in the process and simply ends up damaging the bike - I'd rather it be stolen outright than be left in a heap.

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