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Two big fat slicks. I guess this stuff works. About 2 months ago or so I just purchased Honda F4, and I posted questions regarding how the CBR used to vibrate/pulsate every time I applied the brake. And few of the guys here helped me pinpoint that it could be warped rotors and messy calipers and worn brake pads. So month ago I ordered a pair of Michelin Pilot Power, but then I was stuck in conundrum. If I pay to fit the tires now, I'll have to pay'em the same labor cost again to replace the rotors. They go by the hour, and pretty expensive, and I like to be cheap. :D. But then if I go ahead and purchase the rotors without being absolutely sure, I'm out over $500.00, that's almost 1/4 of the price of I paid for this bike. But every time I go out to ride, I find myself going for the keys to the CBR instead of SV, despite its ambiguous braking and handling. Oh yeah, the front tire was bald, and rear had a nail in it which I repaired to make due for the time.

Anway, 1100 miles later on hadicapped tires, I felt screw it, I'll have the tires changed to the new slicks collecting dust. Rotors can wait. So got it changed today, but I came close to dropping the bike twice at parking lot speed and during u-turn, they're very slippery and hardly grip. Like learning how to ride all over again. Once I took it higher speed, I discovered new found agility. Before, I would have to watch where I go and put some pressure on the bars. But now, gathering mere intentions in my head has the bike turning effortlessly, I actually have to hold back in fear of turning too much or tires washing underneath me! :p . Although I held back on brand new tires, but I can definitely feel them grip and mantain higher cornering speed.

Anyway, I'm going to take it easy for first 100 miles, they're still very slippery because of the mold. Is there anyway for me remove it or scrub the mold?

Also, as Hammer and I discussed before, I had significant difficulty maintaining the stable line on my left turns. Turns out, yup, it was probably the front tire, and now it's gone.

I asked the mechanic if he noticed the rotors being warped. He said, well, they could be, 'but I also noticed that your front wheel is also slightly bent. And since the rotors are mounted on the wheels, that's why you were getting pulsations. But you should start with some front brake pads (they're a bit worn), and see what happens, and if nothing changes, replace the rotors, and if you still get the vibration, then replace the wheel and install the new rotors into the wheel." He seems honest and humble, good guy, so I do believe him. But replacing wheel is pricey, hehe. Anyway, when I took it for a ride, 90% of the pulsation and vibration is gone, only little bit left when the speed drops below 15 mph. So I think they're slightly bent - wheel or rotors - but for now, most of the disturbance is gone.

Having fitted Pilot Powers on SV and CBR600, I'd definitely recommend them to anyone, great tires :thumb:. I caught some prickly rain 20 miles right after leaving the dealership, and they kept their grip.

Anyway, I just wanna say thanks a bunch to Rundog, Hammer, DAD, Vash. You guys are great.
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