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Well, I've got two bikes for sale possibly. One I'm hoping will be totalled out, but it's pretty doubtful.

One's a 2004 Honda VTX1300C, black, with Cobra Speedster pipes, Cobra jet-kit installed by local Honda shop, and Kuryaken hypercharger that's actually hooked up vacuum line and all. About 3800 miles. Not wrecked or scratched. Awesome cruiser.

(If my wife asks, I'm not selling it to try to justify buying an '02 954RR. Honestly.)

The second bike is wrecked. :(

My wife (against my better judgement) "sold" the 2000 Honda 600 VLX Deluxe to her stepdad on a payment plan. We were to keep the title and insurance in our name and he was to pay premiums and payments to us until it was paid for. He came to get it Monday from my house and target fixated 8 miles later, ran off the road, and lowsided at about 45mph in the grass.

If the VLX isn't totalled, it's for sale once it's fixed. Needs a new front fender, new risers, new handlebars, and if the scratches on the tank can't be buffed out, a new tank. Got nice saddlebags, fork bag, and tank bra, all matching (it was my wife's!). Makes a great woman's bike or first bike.

PM me if you're interested.
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