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Big Brother

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Is anyone else watching this?

It is kind of addicting to watch every night and sometimes on the web.

Like right now I am watching them on a side window while typing this and they are talking about kicking people out.

Too many little time
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I caught the first episode. I haven't been home to watch any more of them. Is it worth an hour of my life? I heard the old guy got killed recently. Maybe I should watch. I still haven't caught a Survivor episode yet.

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LOL!!! Im watching right now too! IM TOTALLY ADDICTED! I still like Survivor better but its getting more interesting tonight with the voting going on. Im glad to see Will go and Jordan too! Shes a BIOTCH! and he is just too Rico for me... trying to sleep in the female room, kissing the female arses etc.

Kyle J.-
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I think it's a big waste of time. I'm already sick of MTV for their Road Rules show and I think Big Brother is about 6's. I can't believe people watch this garbage. I am going to apply for Survivor though :)

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