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Battalx 010?

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Just wondering if any of you have ever road on these before, if so, what did you think?

CBRf2boy (or any other FZR owners)

What sizes/brand do you run?
I'm looking to keep the front all stock and going one size larger in the back (150).


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I was told by a dealer that the 010 will replace the BT56ss.Now,he could be wrong(he did look like a nerd).

I heard the same. I have the 56ss's on my F3 and they go round and round. It is my first bike and I have not dumped it, so they must be good tires, right?

010 replaces 56

Don't confuse the BT56 with the BT56SS. The BT010 replaces the BT56. The BT56SS is a fairly new tire that's made for very aggressive street riding. Everything I've heard about the SS's has been good.


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