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Will you vote for the candidate vowing to 'Take Back The AMA' in your region?

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It's time to vote to take back the (your?) AMA!
Just got my Jan 2002 American Motorcyclist Magazine, and the insert in the middle (page 32) has your Official Board of Directors Election Ballot for those of us living in the southern half of the U.S.
MAKE SURE YOU VOTE! (The deadline is Jan 15, 2002).

Let's see if we can't put Kevin Schwantz (Southeast Region) Jeff Nash (South Central Region) and John Ulrich (Southwest Region) on the Board!
If you're a roadracing fan like myself, you've probably been pretty damn dissatisfied with some of the AMA's actions over the last few years, as well as their continuing second-class treatment of AMA roadracing. Maybe if we put a few honest, straight shooters on the board, we can take OUR organization back!

The websites of the 3 above candidates are:
Kevin Schwantz
Jeff Nash
John Ulrich

You can read more about the candidates at the front page of John Ulrich’s website (top headline).

3,644 Posts has a lot of great info on this and the "interesting"practices of their competitors.

however, this effects many more people than just race fans. even though these three canidates are involved in racing, they also want to end the corruption in an organization vital to the health of motorcycling in the good ole u.s. of a.
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