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Are You A Daily Rider?

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After reading a few posts, a question sparked: How many members on the website are daily riders on their current bike or how much do they ride in a given year?

I'll go first. I like to commute on my '12 cbr1k when I can (provided conditions or if another vehicle is necessary) & have almost 22k miles on it in 3 years. popular ringtones, Closer ringtone, Starboy The Weeknd ringtone
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I have ridden daily at different points in my life. When I lived in Southern California, I would literally go months on end (better part of a year) without driving a car or at least using a motorcycle to get to and from work etc. Now I'm in NC and wear a shirt and tie to work daily so I'm a little hesitant to ride every day due to weather. But I wouldn't mind.
I used to ride everyday but living in the city it's just too congested now. Hopefully when I retire we can move out to a more rural area so I can ride daily again.
Agreed. I mostly ride in rural area on weekend and enjoying the view :)
Every day I have off... which is about 18 a month and it's not raining, there's a good chance I'm out riding.
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