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Does anyone know of any other "specialty" schools with a good reputation that teach a lot of custom stuff just like Wyo Tech does? Really the only school I have been able to find that teaches you more than just the normal auto mechanics is Wyo Tech.

They teach you collision and refinishing, street rod and custom frame fabrication, chassis fabrication and high performance engines, frame modification and roll cage construction, pro street frame setup, supercharging and turbocharging and a whole lot more.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any other schools in the U.S. that teach along the same lines as Wyo Tech, in other words, that teach you custom work. Most places I've found just teach you the general stuff to become a mechanic or technician but not custom stuff like Wyo Tech.

So, anyone know of any other good schools or wouldn't mind doing a search? I've tried different searches and I can't find anything else. Thanks guys.

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