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Has anybody ordered the race replica plastic from out of the UK?

I'd like to order this kit for my yellow 748 next month after Christmas...

The plastic is GelCoat and not clearcoated... that means the plastic is not painted and is yellow all the way through, not just painted on the surface. The kit also comes with Dzus fasteners (those are pretty spendy in themselves, like $150 from Ducati). The decals (not stickers, like what's the diff?) are not clearcoated... that's an extra charge.

Here's the breakdown:

Race Replica Plastic : #650.00
Shipping to the US : #90.00
ClearCoat : #150.00

Grand total is #890.00 British Pounds Sterling... at todays currency rates that's $1269.23 US dollars or $1055.32 without the clearcoat.

Sounds like a good price for fairings to me? I'm thinking that if I ever lay my 748 down I can immediately just put the stock OEM plastic back on... to buy all new stock 748 fairings would be well over $1000 bucks!

What do you guys think? Anybody ever order plastic from them? They claim the finish is "very, very good" and matches the tank paint.

I'm probably gonna go with the yellow plastic... but if I had my tank painted, I could get this replica as well:

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