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Any Motocross fans here?

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I love motocross, but alas it doesnt love me :( I used to ride alot as a kid and even started some amature racing, but it seemed that I was spending more time in casts than on the bike... see, I love jumping, but I wasnt so good at landing :rolleyes: Guess, Ill stay on the street until I can muster some self control in the dirt.

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Do any of you also enjoy the opposite end of motorcycles? I love motocross as much as sportbikes (if not a tad more). I have a '00 YZ-125 and have a '01 YZ-250F on order. Gravity can kiss my a$$! What kind of bike do you have? Do you race?

i like mx. i watch it when its on & if i had time & money would try to participate.. even if it was just me & maybe some friends in the hills running around. i went to a track school w/some guy that raced on the national outdoor circuit.. i cant remember his name but he looked really familiar. he was a privateer.

I have raced for about 10 years and just sold my dirt bikes this summer to get my F4. I am having second thoughts about the whole streetbike thing. Sure it is fun, but there are so many variables when riding on the street. At least when you are racing, most things are controlled and precictable.

In the first 2 months I have had my F4, 3 guys out of my riding group have crashed.

I will either race my F4, or get an Aprilia RS250, or go back to motocross.

I got burnt out on racing motocross, but I really want to go riding now!!! Hopefully, I will start training again soon and get back on the motocross track.


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I did the motorcross thing as a kid, then I got old, and fat, and found that I didn't heal as fast so I started riding more endouro (trails out in the woods). I love it. In the spring and fall we are out there at least one day a week. I've found that if I ride hard out in the woods I'm more mellow on the street. Which is a good thing.


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