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Hi all, I thought it only nice to say hi before I start browsing around on this massive site!!

I live near Swindon and am just coming to the end of a 4 year factory roll out restoration on a 30 year old EXUP 1000 (hope to be on the road in around 2 months!!) Past bikes include Gary Rothwell's GSX1100 turbo wheelie record bike, and a load of streetfighters that I have built myself (some in the mag 'the first time around')

I currently teach people to fly paramotors for a living which I love every moment of! It's been my job now for 15 years.

I hope to be joining you on some summer ride outs when this 'fog' has cleared. :) :)

I will now enter the hive mind that is this site for a decent mooch about.

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