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I test rode the XB12R about a week ago on a sunny saturday. the salesman was extremely accomodating, and nice. He took me for about an hour test ride on the freeway, and up in Angeles Crest HWY. I HAD A BLAST! Yes the Buell shakes a lot in neutral but I already expected that after riding another V-Twin. It felt very similar to riding a Gagiva (sp?). The bike handled twisites with almost no effort from me. The front break is extremely powerful, Buell recommends only 1-2 fingers be used on the front break. The rear break isnt very much, and vague, but that didnt bother me too much. One of the biggest difference I noticed was the difference in motion between the V-Twin and my CBR's inline 4. The inline-4 has a "pushing" feeling to it, while the V-Twin has more of a "pulling" feeling to it. The looks on the 12R are fantastic, the Gold and Black is really an eye catching combination. Needless to say, after hunting around for a 12R for about 2 weeks, I found1. (Im assuming Buell has a very slow production rate on Firebolts)

After taking the test ride I was sold, I like the bike all around, however there is a couple discreps that I am in the process of fixing.
New handle grips are in order because the stock ones are no good for long rides or lane splitting at low speeds. The stock seat is like a thin foam cusion that seems to have no padding after about an hour or so of riding. so a more comfortable seat is on the way. Foot pegs: the stock ones seem to be closer to the shift lever than normal, I must have got my boot hung up on the shift peg about 10 times before I caught on that the best way to ride it is to use the top of my foot as opposed to my toe, to correct this I have new footpegs on the way which are lowered by 1 ".

Overall, I noticed the pros on this bike and the pros of my CBR, I degided I can live with the cons on the Buell more than I can live with the cons of my CBR. Each rider is different and has different prefrences this is what seems to work for me. :2cents:
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