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I am looking for a Portland local on behalf of some fellow riders who have paid fairly large sums of money for parts and been ripped off.

The guy I'm looking for is Andy VanDe (something) and lives either on Powell Blvd at about 130th; OR at 28th and SE Holgate here in Portland, OR...both addresses have been given.

This Andy fellow has been paid hundreds of dollars for parts for a Kawasaki ZRX by members of the ZRXOA (of which I am a member). I am told that he may be a tuner for a local racer or a local racer. I'm also told he has an earring, med brown hair, and about 5' 8" - 5' 10" tall or so in good physical shape (not heavy).

I'm just trying to help friends from all over America not get ripped off. This guy has accepted the money then simply ignored those who sent it...I'm sure any one of you would feel bad if you had been so treated and would appreciate help from distant friends if the situation were reversed.

In any case, there are about a dozen Portland area ZRX riders looking for this guy to either deliver the parts promised or return the cash.

If anyone can assist with location, known work address, etc etc it would be greatly appreciated. What he has done is not right...he needs to make it right.

Best Regards,
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