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Air cooled engine

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Whats about the highest milage expected out of an air cooled engine before going into it?

Rider once told me 50k is about the time an air cooled engines valves will no longer seat. Is that BS? any experience over 50k?

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Well, I put 70,000+ on a 83 XS650SK cafe racer and it was just starting to act like the top end could refreshing but the bottom end was still in excellent shape.

I have 44,000 on my 20 year old GS1100E and will have the topend done at 60,000 but it's running fine and both of these bikes are "Air-Cooled".

Basicly if you have proper valve adjustments and use good "motorcycle specific motor oil". As long as you don't "constantly over-rev and rag the motor", it should be able to do 100,000 or more before the "whole" motor should be rebuilt.

Usually most riders get "bored" with a bike long before it's ready for a rebuild.

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