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Advanced MSF course?

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I was checking out the MSF website, and I noticed that they have an advanced riders course. I'm going to take the Beginner's course, but would it be worth taking the advanced course, also? And if so, when - after a couple months of riding?

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I'll take the bike.
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I took the beginners one 6 months ago since I had been out of riding for a while and I found out that I really didn't know anything before (squid???). I was a little bored in the riding part though.

I think they say the intermediate course you can take a month after the beginners one. It sounded like this course was almost the same thing except on your own bike. The expert course is supposed to be something like 6mo? after the beginners course.

I tried signing up for an experienced rider course out here in California, but the closest one is a two-hour ride away. I decided to sign up for track riding schools instead and went a bit overboard. Look for my comparision test of the Keith Code, Reg Pridmore, and Dennis Pegelow classes soon.

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