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Well Robert, you asked for someone to pen something to open your sponsors wallets!
This is one I done earlier ;)


I want to tell you about VIFFY.
VIFFY was found in a rubbish skip, Cold / Wet and covered in oil.
I have to admit, I wept buckets when I found her covered in muck and chain-lube from a deranged Scotoiler!
I took VIFFY to Filthy Phils Bike Refuge, where she is now on the road to recovery.
She now goes out with all the other bikes, the pitiful o/e exhaust whimper has now changed to a healthy Race Can growl as she scampers of down the A13.
Their are dozens of bikes like VIFFY.
You can help by adopting a bike.
For 8 pounds a month........yes, "JUST" two pounds a week.
The bike that you adopt, will send you a letter every month, a regular dyno check, and a signed photo.
Please send whatever you can afford to Beast.
c/o Filthy Phils refuge, and make a bike happy today.
Thank You..........Beast is a registered Charity

As they say, don't ask-don't get! ;)
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