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Adding an Image to my F4

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On the F4's, there is a small area located behind the seat where the rear fairing flattens out. Anyone who has an F4 will better understand. The area is only about 5" wide at the top and about 1.5" at the bottom.

I'm thinking of putting some kind of little design in there. I thought about some kind of japanese or chinese lettering in there or even some caligraphy writing of my name (a suggestion from a friend).

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery, while I try to get my creative juices flowing?

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How about something sarcastically silly like
"If you can read this, you just lost!" or
"Sucks getting beaten by a 600, doesn't it?"

I know that last one from personal experience...... :rolleyes: Got spanked up in the canyons by a REALLY good rider on an R6. He had the damn thing leaned over so far, I thought for sure he was about to then he downshifted and beat me to the marker by oh, let's say about 1/4mile..........pesky little 600's! :D

'97 Katana 750
check out my website (under my profile) to see what i did with that 'empty space' on the tail section!! :)

'99 F4
tapeworks web site has the work Honda writen in Japenese if you want to see what it looks like.

"You meet the nicest people on Hondas"
I sticked a big "Del Monte" (pineapple juice) sticker on mine.

2000 cbr600f4
in silver/red color scheme
Nah, stick one of those chrome nekkid woman silhouettes on there.

-If you're too open minded, your brains will fall out.

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How 'bout an R6 sticker??? (hehe) :D :D
How bout your phone number for the ladies??
For a good time call.

Seriously bro, when I had my R6 I wanted to
get 'Sick Sh!t" on it but spelled 6sh!t.
I thought it was really appropriate for a

Chris :p :cool: :p

It's nice to have one of the biggest...

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Putting my phone number. Now that was one I didn't think of. Wouldn't it be interesting if it actually worked. :p

Note: The above msg has changed since
yesterday... I read it today and felt like a

Yes, a disk ok???

It's nice to have one of the biggest...
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