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After reading Brianetics Accident scene management post. I did some surfing and found that this class is going to be offered in Southern California.
Saturday 22 November, 2008 at MSF Headquarters (2 Jenner Street) in Irvine, CA $55.00 - Note: This class is also part of instructor training. Open to general public - class limit - 30

For those experienced individuals they are offering an Instructor class.
Instructor Qualifications:
*All Lead ASMI instructors must be EMT or higher in medical training and be a motorcyclist.
*Assistant instructors must be motorcyclists but do not require medical training.
*A Lead instructor must be present at each class. Assistant instructors can teach but not alone.

E-Mail and basic comfort with computers is very helpful. Instructors complete 20 hours of training which prepares them to teach the 100 & 400 series classes. Advanced and Refresher class training is added once the instructor has taught several classes and would like to add Advanced training to their curriculum. 200 series classes may only be taught by instructors who are also CPR instructors. Instructor training courses are held a few times a year or can be scheduled by groups or organizations.

November 21-23, 2008 in Irvine, CA at the MSF headquarters
Lead Instructor $200.00, Assistant Instructor $150.00

To anyone that attends, please provide a short write up of the class, as this is just too far and expensive for me near Christmas.
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