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AAA for motos?

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Do any of you have some sort of roadside assistance program as part of your insurance or otherwise? State Farm's towing doesn't cover motorcycles (rip-off).

What else is there?

I'm considering the possiblilties of flat tires, mysterious lack of function, etc.

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have you ever seen the way they tow a motorcycle? my aaa is my cell phone.


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i notice that you have a '98 F3. well enroll in the Honda Riders Club (HRCA). there is a link on the main honda website. for around $40 per year, it will give you a peace o mind. towing is included for any sort of mechanical issues /accidents. even flat tires and if you ever run out of gas, they will come out with a few gallons to get you back on the road.

i think they also provide trip routing kinda like AAA with maps and stuff.

good luck

I got a free 1 year membership to HRCA when I bought my RR in March. I haven't had to use the roadside assistance, but I just sent away for the free route planning of a trip to the Gap in September. I'll let you know how it looks when I get it.

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The American Motorcyclist Association also has a program called Motow. I think it's about $50 per year. I also have coverage through HRCA. I've never actually had to use either one yet, but they are supposed to use only motorcycle friendly flatbed tow trucks.

I recently had my motorcycle towed due to a flat tire. They put it on a flatbed and charged me $100. I thought that I had towing coverage under my Geico insurance, but learned later that it only covered my car. :mad: Any sort of roadside assistance/towing coverage is probably a bargain.

Just to add...the flatbed driver said that it was the first bike that he had ever towed that wasn't a Harley. According to the driver, Harleys even have places for the tow straps built into the bike! ;)

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Like all you othersm I thought my "regular" insurance covered towing on the scooter. NOT!!!

I found something called MTS (Motorcycle Touring Services). It's basically AAA for bikes. It is also offered through AMA, but with reduced services for about the same dough. Besides towing (flatbeds only, BTW) they offer roadside assistance, gas, flat tire repair, and so on. You even get a handy key fob with your member number on it and the "secret" 800 number. Runs about $50/year for basically all the bikes you own. I guess they figure you can only ride one at a time.

I think the website is

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I just sent away for the free route planning of a trip to the Gap in September.

Don, could you e-mail me and tell me how you sent away for that. I want a route plan too! Thanks, bud.

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I just got my trip package from HRCA yesterday. It arrived within a week, which not a bad turnaround time. Included in the package were 2 maps of the regular variety, a national travel and recreation discount book and 8 typed pages. The typed pages give you turn turn by turn directions, which are almost identical to the directions I got from Mapquest. It also lists attractions in each state you pass through. Finally, it gives you a list of the Honda dealers in each of the areas you are travelling through ( Which I think is a great idea).

Overall, it,s a pretty decent travel package. I am not so sure that I would be willing to pay for it though.

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I have my insurance through Progressive and included in the insurance is a towing program for the cycle. I am not sure how it works because I have never used it, but it is there.

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