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Every once in awhile ya' have one of those refreshing customer service experiences that kinda brightens your outlook on corporate America and humankind in general.

The other day I had off from work so I was doin' some catchin' up here on good ole SBW. A fellow SBW'er (KneeDragger98ZX) was asking about an exhaust system for his bike, so I looked into it. In searching, I found that Yoshimura had discontinued their system for his bike. I decided to call them anyway and spoke with a very informed R&D guy named Craig. He said he didn't think that Yosh. would be able to help me (actually KneeDragger98ZX) out, but that he would look to see what parts they had layin' around. If he could find what he needed to make a complete system for the bike, he'd e-mail me.

I thought to myself, "yeah right". I did give him my e-mail address though, and hung up. Turns out he wasn't lying. I received this message today:

Dear Nick,
Sorry for the delay but it's been really busy, anyway, I don't have instructions I can email to you but I am still looking for them on hard copy. If I find them, I'll let you know and I can mail them to you.
Have a good day,

I know it's not concrete or even necessarily helpful, but how many other R&D/customer service techies would have even bothered? I don't know of too many.

All I know is this: whether or not he finds the pipe, Yoshimura definitely has a customer for life in me.
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