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Hi there,

I'm putting together a special bike for my girlfriend, who's somewhat under 5' tall. Having looked around the threads, got the gist of bike size wieght problems she might face. E.g. the bike weight which a small rider can manage seems to relate to how well the rider's foot contacts the ground.

Can any experienced small, women sportbike riders please tell me:
* the maximum bike weight they are comfortable with
* why they don't want a fairing
* the maximum seat height they can manage
* how much acceleration and what top speed they need
* what name they would give their bike
* whether or not they carry pillion passengers
* what sort of luggage system they might use
* if they find any controls (e.g. clutch, throttle) heavy
* how long a trip they would use their bike for
* what they think a new bike should cost
* whether or not they would service their bike themselves
* anything else they might feel to be relevant.

These points are in no particular order. Thank you.

Happy cornering, superdeltathree
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