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Ive' had my 954, for about 2 months now..When I 1st got, I was pretty impressed w/ its overall performance..By now Im getting more used to the bike and becomming more comfy on it...My main riding partner sports a 2000 gixxer 600..we have been riding now for a few years together... When we both met we were rolling on fzr's600 or fizzers as we would call em..
...After a while he got the gixxer & was kicking my doors in so to speak..By his mistake he kept buggin me to get some new wheels...Eventually i did, as i was tired of him buggin me to geta new ride, & after lookin @ his nice tricked ouy shiny gixxer..Well to the shop i went..Came home w/a 954...& then guess whow was kickin whos but..:D Right fool me..Its kinda of funny in a way cause we are both trying to out do each other to see who add the most mods to there bike..But all that aside...
My main point is this..Since he has got his gixxer & me my 954,, we never rode each others bikes..So today as we went out for daily rip..Im said les swap,, so we did...After riding his gixxer, I forgot what it was like to be on a 600 & made me appreciate my 954 all the more..After he rode my bike he couldnt believe how easy it was to wheelie....So for evryone on 600's, dont take this the wrong way Or if your on a gixxer its not a bash @ all..Cause I persoanlly love gixxers too..As my next bike will be one, fo sure..Just a little message sometime you dont appreciate what you have till its gone.....;)

This is my 4th bike & each time, they keep getting better>>
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