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black, new tires & battery, 20K mi, runs & looks exc, $1800.

I had my heart set on a ninja, but after riding the 250 hawk during MSF, I can see purchasing the no frills bike with a larger displacment. Not to mention I think the black 750 looks sleek in its simple way (not important though). I am still not sure if I want a sport bike, so I figure a compromise with a nighthawk (A sporty cruiser? Standerd? Crusing Sport?) may be in order (only plane on keeping it for a few years to build my skills).

The engine has a stated 20k on it. Im not sure if this is at such a point where this factor should keep me away from the bike, as I am not sure how long these engines can last with good treatment. I also want peoples opinions on the 750 night hawk. From what i gathered, it seems to be a reliable bike. WHat price point should I aim for?
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