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H, im trying to trade my 91 honda crx si, 5 speed, with 150000 miles.The car is worth a little over $2000, it needs body work and it smokes a little from the exhaust(burns oil, valve seals are bad, have been using heavy weight oil and fuel additives, has gotten better.)

Recently redid the brakes, replaced entire stereo with a blaupunkt system, replaces much of the electrics(alternator, spark plugs,spark plug wires, distributer, ignition coil, and so on.) recently replaced the exhaust with an aftermarket 2" cat back exhaust sytem. i also put a AEM cold air intake on it.

You can reach me by texting me or emailing me. just let me know what you have to trade. (630) 779 5519. i will send you pictures.
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