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600 (F4) vs. Literbike (929)...just how diff??

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I'm in the market for a new bike....
I have an 87 Kaw zx600r and have been thinking about the F4 or ZX-6R.....the 929 is very nice, but I have never ridden anything larger than a 600. Other than the obvious horsepower, I would love to hear some opinions on the feel between the two classes.


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I always rode 600s until I got my current 900. I liked the 600s very well, but once I rode the 900 I really liked the larger size of the bike alot. It felt like I had more between my legs (LOL!) If ya know what I mean. :) I think I just like more to grab onto...

Ok Pete, Light me up. :rolleyes:

Kyle J.-
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Kyle man, you are SOOO asking for it with that one. I mean, how often are you grabbing...oh well. I'll let Pete do the dirty work. As to the topic of this forum:

I have ridden 600's ever since I started riding legally and even a little before. Only recently did I have the chance to get on a 929. I loved it. The power is so much smoother, and of course there are gobs of it. It is a wheelie monster. I think it wheelies as easily as the R1, but it is lighter feeling, much more comfortable, and Kyle is right, there is more to it. You feel a little more "planted" I guess. Depending on how you ride, you will appreciate the wider gas tank. I ride with my legs around the gas tank the whole time. I don't usually reach my knees down unless I'm really leaning. That's why I love the bigger tank, although the F4's gas tank is bigger compared to the F3's and isn't far off from the 929's.

I just bought a CBR 600F4 this April and I recently installed a Factory® jet kit. My bike will just about keep up with the 900's now. Especially close in the top end (above 7,000). The 929's will of course easily pull away, but the 600 does have enough power for me. The jet kit made such a huge difference that it will probably be the difference between getting a new bike in 2 yrs, as opposed to getting a new bike in 4 or 5. I still have yet to change gearing, headers, heads, and some other things that would further support that feeling.

Good luck with whatever you choose. Keep us posted!

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Three words: power, Power, POWER!!! It used to be you would have to sacrifice nimble handling and light weight to get it. Not anymore. Bikes like the R1 and 929 are only a few pounds heavier than their 600cc counterparts yet still give you that eyeball-flattening liter bike torque! Get the 929RR and you'll kick youself for even considering a 600. ;)

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It's funny Kyle, while reading your post, I hadn't scrolled down far enough to see the "Ok Pete, Light me up" comment. So, I'm thinking, "Hey, I get to post my 'big bike, little penis' syndrome flame again, without it being deleted this time." You, and Nick, ruined it for me. Oh well, with this damn head cold I have today, I'm not my normal chipper self anyway. :D

This is a good topic, though. I've always wondered how my VFR would compare against a 600 like the F4, more in terms of acceleration and torque as opposed to handling the curves(I knew that the 600 would be much better in that category). Then, after riding a CBR900RR, I quit wondering and knew that my next sportbike would be 900cc or bigger. Yeehawww!!!

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A head cold in June... in Texas? :rolleyes: Did you piss off one a dim Creole women from back home in Louisiana... and get a mojo put on you? :D :p

Back to the subject -- Go for the big one. You have done your time on the 600s. And don't let these crazy people try to convince you to buy a Yamaha or a Kawasaki. :D :D

Go with the 929 or get an RC 51. The big twin is quite easy to ride and in capable hands(not mine) can smoke 90% of the R1 and 929 riders out there (and 99% of the ZX-9 riders ;)).

Whew, that ought to get some responses. :)

Ride Hard!

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I've sat on new R6/6R and they feel almost identical to R1/9R, so if you can afford the bike and insurance, go for a big one. At least it will keep you satisfied with power for a lot longer than a 600. Is someone trying to say that big bikes equals small penises or did I just read between the lines.


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Aril, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by riverrunner_2000:
It felt like I had more between my legs (LOL!) If ya know what I mean. :) I think I just like more to grab onto...

Uh huh, and I always thought size didn't matter. :eek:

And back on topic.......if at all possible, ride them both, that should tell you. Although I haven't ridden a 900RR or 929, hubby's VTR is very different than my F4 and I am just not ready for a bike that big........yet! I like the power, but the comfort level just isn't there for me.

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My last bike was a GSXR-600 that was piped, jetted, sprocketed, etc. I really loved the handling of that bike and the acceleration. I have recently purchased a TL1000S. The kicker of this bike is I pay LESS for insurance on a 996 CC bike than I did on my 600. I did give up the handling that I loved (although I am working on it), but the power is just crazy. Bone-stock and you have to hang for dear life whenever you peg it. I also like the sound you get from the twin. Although I loved the sound from the 600 as well. Anyway, I never thought I would get a bike this big, but I am extremely happy I did. You really can't go wrong either way with bikes nowadays. Good luck


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