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lots of rollin' your own ?'s

i'm like 30% likely going to build 'motard this winter. $ being the the 70% failure rate.

here's the plan.

a yz400/426/450 (again money dependant)
talon hubs
excel rims (17")
a baja wiring harness (to make to streetable)
ebay a brake light and likely make switches work from my fzr.
baja has headlights
perferably a 6-pot gsxr caliper or a 4 pot fzr600 caliper
a streetbike master cylinder (probably f2/3)

(feel free to comment on any of these, good/bad/really bad)

here's where i'm lost. i want a big front brake. what stock rotors fit the talon hubs? other hubs? can i use an r1 rotor, gsxr rotor, ??? one will be enough, right?

and how do you relocate the caliper? machine shop?

how hard is it to go from dirtbike to streetbike to roadracer and back. yes, i want it be a do-it-all bike.

also, does a heavy flywheel (like you'd put in a moto-x'er that you trail ride) work better in a 'tard than the stock light fly wheels.

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Check this site out >> Central Wheel <<
These guys should be able to answer your specific hub, disc and caliper adapter questions.

The light flywheel is fine for good traction conditions, if it's slippery, go heavier.

It's gonna be a fun machine!!
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