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yup, 6 strokes. here is a summary...
Sixstroke a new head design for 4-strokes

(1)The Sixstroke engine is fundamentally superior to the 4
stroke because the head is no longer parasitic but is a net contributor to, and an integral part of the power generation within the engine.
(2)The 6stroke is thermodynamically more efficient because the change in volume of the power stroke is greater than the intake, compression, & exhaust strokes.
(3)The compression ratio can be increased because of the absence of hot spots.
(4)The rate of change in volume during the critical combustion period is less than in a 4stroke.
(5)The absence of valves within the combustion chamber allows design freedom.
(6) A one-piece engine from crankshaft to upper shaft becomes feasible. No head gasket.

The engine has proven to be robust on the race track, & have significant advantages over 4-strokes
(1)The valving is desmodromic
(2)There are no valves to drop or bounce.
(3)The rev limit is only what the bottom end can stand.
(4)Gas flow on intake increase of 20%.
(5)No possibility of engine damage if the timing belt slips or snaps
(6)The reed valves are so close to the intake ports that their tips become the virtual port opening. This achieves variable port area & variable engine demand valve
timing. The tips open late & small amounts with low throttle settings & open early & fully at full throttle

or so the guy says. we will wait & see.

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What an interesting concept! I love running accross people who are so adept at thinking outside the box!

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