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For a good 15 years now I have lusted after the Aprilia RS250, Yamaha TZ250's, RG 250's etc, street legal, small and great handling little screamers. Put my bags on board and take off on the thing. But none of the factorys would ever sell them here in the good ole USA.
I can't believe I now have one and it was built by Buell/Harley-Davidson, the XB9S. Man, ain't life stranger than fiction.
This bike is small, the HP is about the same as the 250cc screamers but it's streetable. Runs around town just fine.
Build quality and finish rivals any JAP. Just getting her broke in, but she'll do just fine I can tell. It's going to be a beautifull relationship I hope. My wife is already a little jealous especially after seeing the small passenger seat. Life is GRAND.:cool:
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