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Does a middleweight sportbike powered by a carbureted, air/oil-cooled engine with a claimed 106 crank horsepower spinning a slim 140 x 70/18 rear tire sound exciting? If it was 1985, and the above mystery bike's color scheme is blue and white, then it was the Suzuki GSX-R750 that would've had you geeked.

A Gixxer 750 with 106 ponies. How times have changed.

The GSX-R750 – arguably the bike that started the replica racer revolution – marked its 25th anniversary in 2010. Oddly, Suzuki decided to celebrate the noteworthy birthday last year by creating a limited edition GSX-R1000, designated by little more than special paint and "25th Anniversary Edition" on the mufflers and wheel rim striping.

For us in the States, 1986 was the first time we could zip down the road on a Gixxer, so this year is something of an unofficial 25th anniversary for the 750 in America. Thankfully, we at least have an upgraded and lighter weight GSX-R750 in 2011 to celebrate with – even if we're the only ones partying.

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