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Kawasaki's ZX-10R has always been one of the most lively and animalistic literbikes of the bunch. These qualities define the big Ninja, for both good and bad.

For the 2010 model year, Team Green has made a few subtle refinements to the 10R, although its fundamental mechanical bits are unchanged.

The most distinguishable change is the adoption of new ZX-6R-inspired bodywork that makes for a slimmer appearance. The ZX looks lighter, even if its wet (fully fueled) weight of 459 pounds is unchanged since it debuted as an all-new model in 2008.

Along with the new upper, center and side fairing panels, the big Ninja's overall look is also tweaked by an embossed metallic gray coating on its titanium muffler that visually shrinks it in size to minimize its awkward shape. Trim pieces around the fairing's cockpit area cleans up the rider's eye view.

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