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When Triumph was reborn in the early 1990s, it was going to be an uphill road despite the cachet of a legendary nameplate. Laverda, Norton, Indian and Excelsior-Henderson were just a few of the historic marques that failed after resurrection attempts. But Triumph has continued to build on its successes, now boasting enviable increases in sales and even loftier sales goals.

The historic British company recently invited to sample what it calls its Urban Sports lineup, a group that includes a revamped version of the iconic Speed Triple, the versatile Tiger and the sport-touring Sprint ST. (The Daytona 675 also fits in this range, according to Triumph, but we will be fully evaluating that middleweight contender in a few weeks, so we didn’t spend any time on it at the intro.)

Key to re-launched brand's success has been a series of distinguishing and torquey three-cylinder engines that deliver a distinct flavor apart from the hordes of Twins and Fours. Each of the three bikes we rode in the Great Smokey Mountains is powered by a version of Triumph's lusty 1050cc Triples, one of the great motors in the two-wheel world because of its broad powerband and soulful exhaust note.

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