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So what bikes you hope/expect to be announced for the 2006 model year? The rumor mills should be working overtime shortly as a lot of stuff gets announced in late summer. My hopes (all wild speculation/wet dreams except for the Triumph):

Triumph 675/680 triple sportbike - top of my wish list and rumors from England are that it's almost ready to go.

Suzuki SV650R - an SV650S with GSXR suspension, wheels and brakes. Plus the (currently optional) lower fairings. Track/twisty guys would eat this up.

Yamaha FZ-1 - freshen up the old girl with some new styling, suspension and a motor based on the current R1.

Honda XR650 supermotard - an electric starting street legal supermotard based on the XR650R (not the really old "L")
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