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Here is the owners description of the bike:

Black levers...they are the stock ones that are well as the rear sets and passenger pegs and also it has a black powdercoated competition werks fender eliminator kit on it puts the tag right on top of the tire...the left side of the swing arm may be bare with no stickers or it may still have the oakley "O" on has some cheap stick on turn signals on the front and a corbin seat thats carbon fiber look...the bike may be a different color but if you look for the pegs and levers you can spot it...and lastly...the stock ring that goes around the pipe...i painted it black...they are usually gold...and it has pirelli corsa tires on it..., 3617 are the last 4 of the VIN

This is from his post @
"As of right now my bike is garage was wide open...helmet is there and my stand too...nothing else is gone...just my bike...
Be on the lookout for a black 1000RR with no tail stickers and black rear sets, passenger pegs, levers and fender elimenator kit...
Sorry for the spelling...kinda shook up over this since i only had liability but it was paid for at least"

Anyone with ANY information please contact -
Hampton Police Division
Non-Emergency Number:
(757) 727-6111
Crime Line/ Solvers Hampton
(757) 722-9800
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