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This is a 2003 RC51 with approximately 18,000 miles on it. The tach quit working with a previous owner, and it had to be replaced. Therefore, the odometer doesn't read the correct mileage. (Mileage reads 12,310) The bike has a previously "cleared" prior salvaged title. It received some cosmetic damage by the original owner and was totaled out by the insurance company. The plastics have been replaced, and the bike is in excellent condition. The pics I am sending are current pictures. They are not pics from 3 years ago or some [email protected] like that. ( I've been seeing that a lot lately) I do not stunt this bike, or abuse it in any way. It has never been raced or seen a track day to my knowledge. I ride it back and forth to work, and the occasional Saturday night cruise. The bike looks nice in the pics, but it looks better in person. I assure you, this is one of the nicest used bikes you will find. I get a lot of compliments on this machine. If it weren't for the prior salvaged title, I would be asking over $7000. Oh yeah, the bike is mechanically sound and it's BEAST!!!! Anyway, here is the full list of mods that the bike has. Enjoy!

Sato Banzi high mount exhaust :eyebrows:
Powercommander 3r
2004 aluminum swing arm (2003's are usually black)
Steel braided brake cables
Shorty clutch levers (adjustable)
Gp lightweight racing pegs
Sportmax GP racing tires (used racing kick-backs)
Carbon fiber tank guard, speedo guard, and triple tree guard
Fender eliminator kit
Flush mount turn signals
Delete tube (rear brake "Bladerunner" mod)
Double bubble windshield
Zeon H7 super white light bulbs
15/41 sprockets with 530 chain (almost new)
Sportmax GP tires (track kick-backs)
Mirror block off's w/ a extra set of rear view mirrors

Let me know if you are interested? I can take some specific close-ups of certain parts of the bike if you would like.I would consider all street legal supermoto trades. I am located in Lincoln, NE



[email protected]


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