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I am a newbie that got a 91 fzr600 for $300 from a guy who had not rode it in 2 years. It looked like it was in, ok shape. It did not run. It has 15000 miles on. I took the carbs off, and cleaned them up. The looked real clean when I took them apart. I put new plugs in and tried to fire it up. It did not want to start at all and I saw gas/air vapor blowing back out of the carbs. So I did a compression check. This was the readings on number 1, 60 psi. Number 2, 50 psi. Number 3, 60 psi, Number 4, 60 psi. I then took off the valve cover. The cams all looked in very good shape. I then took a feeler gauge and checked the clearance between the valve and the cam. I had correct clearance on all the exaust valves, but the intake side had no clearace at all. The valve was tight against the cam. I then did a second compression test with the valve cover off and I put a sqirt of oil in each cylinder first. I got 120 psi on number1, 60 psi on 2, 90 psi on 3, and 90 psi on 4. One thing to take into account is that the battery was dieing after the test on one. So it turned over much slower (I am not sure if that would make a differance or not).

So with all that info, what is the verdict? Is my bike destin for the trash heap? I am guess that the valve seats have been pushed into the head by the valves. My second fear, that the oil test may have showed me is that the cylinders are shot as well.

Any help or insight on my problem would be great!

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