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I again need to get rid of bills are really adding up.

I have a 1988 CR250 I bought a while ago to run up at the dunes, but I ended up getting a quad anyways....and I kinda need the money right now, so unfortunately the dirtbike has to go. The plastics are a little beat up and stuff, whatever its a 1988 bike! It has a fmf powercore silencer, runs excellent. HPP cylinder and head (?)....i dont know a lot about these bikes, but the whole cylinder looks not stock, says HPP on the side....all i know is its fast as crap...and it was rebuilt 2 years ago from what i was told and barely ridden after that, i bought it earlier this summer.

It's really dirty right now from takin it out last weekend for like 5 hours, so I'll clean it up and post pics within the next day or two.

$1000 or best offer, if you are interested PM me, email me or call me with offers or questions....

Flint, MI - moving to Farmington Hills in 2 weeks

[email protected]
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