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I purchased this bike used, with 9,500 miles on it, and have owned it for about 10 years. It ran great with absolutely no issues and all the fun that the V4 usually delivers for the first 6 years and 22k miles or so. The bike currently has 34,000 miles but, about 4 years ago a hesitation in the mid-range (2,500 rpm - 4,500 rpm) began out of nowhere.

I've tried changing the jets, needles/seats, rubber tubes between carbs and intake with no change in the problem. The only thing that has made a difference was boring out the original jets a bit which made it run better (not perfect, but ridable and improved), but it burned way too rich. The exhaust smelled like raw gas to the point of being obnoxious and of course, the gas mileage was reduced to the mid-twenties.

Looking for anyone who may have had this same or similar problem and any ideas or leads as to where/what/how to solve them.

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