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I am thinking about buying a 1985 BMW K10RS that's in great
This bike features a Corbin seat in grey with a minor wear spot
on the front right and has an upgraded rear progressive
shock/spring as well as a Luftmeister Exhaust system. Also
included with this beautiful bike are BMW Side Cases. The
windscreen, clutch cable, battery and tires were replaced less
then 100 miles ago. I'm not sure how many miles it has though.
The bike was used as a trade in at a dealer.

The total cost, including shipping, would be $1700. Would this be
a good deal for this bike??

Also, does anybody know how rare parts are for this and where I
would be able to get a hold of an owners & maintenance manual?


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1700 is a giveaway price, actually it's so cheap ya gotta wonder what the catch is.
K100's are great bikes, little electrically tempermental in the instrument department tho, speedo/tach cluster is pretty expensive and BMW decided to spot selling the parts to repair them so your stuck trying to fing good used ( nearly impossible) or buy it new at over $350 (if you can find them)
I never did get used to the familiar 59 - 64 MPH "buzz" K100's have.

Good luck.
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