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I have located one for sale in my area at what appears to be a really good price. The owner has restored it, and has it sitting in his dyno shop. He claims to be getting rid of it simply to get more room in his garage, which I believe because this guy has way too many HP producing toys around...

From what I can see, it seems to be in excellent shape. It's hard to believe looking at it that it is really as old as it is. It's a beautiful bike, seemingly in near-perfect condition. I have a friend who has seen this same bike on display at Barber Motorsports Museum near where I live, and he says that this one looks to be in far better shape.

Do you think 3500 is a good price on this? How reliable could I expect a freshly restored/rebuilt bike of this age to be?

And yes, I know, this would be a terrible, terrible first bike choice, as it is quite fast. Other than that fact, would this bike be worth the money?
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