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Just a quick report
Rode 191 last Sunday
Maybe 3or4 cars the whole way
For the first 10-15 miles heading North
There's still quite a bit of that dirt,sand, gravel stuff that's left on the road after snow melts
Very slippery
Winds were nuts, I mean nuts around Morinci
News said something like gusts to 50mph
After that it was a good ride all the way up to Hannigan where I started to see ice patches and, a fallen tree across the road.
Power is off and on,
So beware, gas may not be available in Hannigan or Alpine
I got lucky...
Looks like it will still be a few more weeks before it gets real good up there

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Are you loonie?! Did you look at a map before going?
That road goes up to about 9200ft I beleive. I know it's Arizona but it gets damn cold up there.

Hope you were dressed warm! I wouldn't suggest riding that road to anyone early than April. I got caught in some snow on the first week of October a few years ago.

It's sounds like you were by yourself also. I would be very careful about riding that road alone. It's along way to the hospital even if you get immediate attention, never mond if you have to wait for a hour for someone to pass by.

Ride safe.
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