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I'll be getting my first CBR at the end of the month. 2006 1000RR.

It's been sitting for like 2-3 years in a garage and before that was driven and maintained perfectly. I will be using it as a daily driver and weekend rides. I have a few questions, and am looking for advice specific to the bike model, age, and/or situation. Since this bike isn't one I'm familiar with I'm hoping for some good feedback here.

* What tires are best? I'm in Florida so it's stupid hot and wet, min. 250 miles a week. I usually use Metzeler's but am open.

* I'm replacing the chain and sprocket, any suggestions?

* Does anyone use side bags and/or large rear bag? I need to carry crap for work, not everyday so easily removable would be great. I've seen Givi and SW-MOTECH but not sure.

That's about it but if you think of something besides a fluid flush, tires, and chain to do before riding it let me know.
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