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As the relocation people have quoted me a pop star wage to ship my bike to Hong Kong i have decided to file for divorce. Willing to let the ole gurl go as is or as stock (shotgun not put it back to stock).

Details below..........

Anybody know anyone wanting a bike? Boycie?

03 Yamaha R1 Silver

Race prepped R1, #5 Road Registered and taxed for 5 months (Singapore)

· Ohlins Rear Shock
· Ohlins Fork Internal springs
· Ohlins Damper
· Leo Vince Titanium Full Exhaust System
· USB Power Commander
· Custom Mapping
· USB Quick Shifter
· Full Race fairing
· Brembo Master Cyl
· Braided lines (front and rear)
· Endurance Brake Pads (can't remember make)
· Oz Wheels (+ stock wheels)
· Double bubble screen
· Foot Peg Adjustment Brackets
· Reverse Shift
· All Stock parts from above

Open to offers

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O3 R1

No problem 1-4

I am settling on a hangover saturday and then off to Sepang in the evening / early morning for the last session.

Close to 13.5 stock or 15.5 race (in singapore)

let me know since if there is an offer i may leave it in malayisa


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