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So can anybody tell 100% if a 2003-2004 Zx636 front rim and ZX900 2003-2004 or even the ZX750 2003-2004 Front rim will work on my 2003 ZX636?

Currently i have a local dealer that tells me yes they are the same the base part number is the same but the end extensions are different?

Ron Ayers micorfiche website and i called a rep says no they are different and you can only use the 636 rim, not 7x or 9x rim.

636 front rim number is 41073-0112-R2
ZX9 front rim number is 41073-1633-CJ

I know that the colors of rims might be different but i don't care about the color. I am having a hard time finding a used front rim with no bends or kinks in to replace my damaged front rim. Ebay has lots of other models, but there is no guarentee they will fit the 636, i know for a fact that 2005 model and up are different. but i want to know if the 2003 zx636 is equal to ZX7 or ZX9

thanks for the help
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