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another one of those 'is this used bike worth it?' threads.

It just came online at, I've been following numerous sv650s in my area for the past 2 months and this one has me interested.

I don't have my MSF course until the middle of Sept so realistically I won't have a license until early Oct (they have to mail out my certification I take to the DMV I believe, which takes 10 days or so. then I take the written test at the dmv)

Anyways, so with the thoughts that I won't be able to ride the bike until late sept/early oct in the thought process...what do you guys think.

2002 SUZUKI SV650S, Excellent Condition Sport Bike, Serviced & Ready to Ride, Photos at, Trades Welcome, $3,995 Financing Available O.A.C

I believe it's been 'dropped' in a tip over, not a crash as the used dealer told me there's some light scratches. He bought it on a repo, clean title, new front tire, everything just got a clean out and maintained.
It's blue and white. Custom paint job. All I can see in the pic is the gas tank and wheel cover are white, no idea if it's a design or just flat white. Fairings are nice too.

6500 miles.
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