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What kind of bike do you have? What modifications have you made to your bike, and were they worth it? What do you plan to modify in the future?

This question was suggested by cbrf2boy (Tony). Thanks for a great suggestion!

I have a 2000 CBR600F4 silver and red.

TBR slip-on x-metal pipe. Major improvement.

Lockhart Phillips carbon fiber look stick-on patches on the tank to protect it.

Vista-cruise throttle lock. Very helpful on long trips.

Corbin seat. MAJOR improvement.

Cut the rear fender and cleaned up the tail section a bit.

Pulled off all warning stickers on the tank, swing arm and chain guard.

In the future I plan on getting a different windscreen, bar risers and stainless steel braided brake lines. After that, who knows! The sky is the limit.

I love modifications. They personalize the bikes and make them one-of-a-kind. I wouldn't do anything different. I'm very happy with all I've done.

Stacia - '00 CBR F4
"Objects in mirror no longer matter!"

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Let's see. I have a 00Busa. The only thing I've finished doing to it is changing the seat covers. As soon as I make up my mind about which pipe to put on(that is becoming a long process) that wil be done too. I'm having the problem of new bike/little selection of aftermarket products. I would like to chop the fender but I haven't seen a kit that I like yet. Anybody have any suggestions?? I love the dyno mag wheels but good god are they expensive!!

00 Hyabusa
96 GS500E

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I have a 1992 FZR 600. New paint, 916 red, with a purple speed screen (sounds gay I know but it's cool looking). Has the full Micron exhaust (polished) with the Micron stamp removed. Also has stage2 jet and K&N filter. Lowered gearing by 1 tooth on the front and +2 on back. I also think the bike has had some suspension mods done but I'm not sure what, It sits VERY low to the ground and stands almost straight up on the sidestand (spooks me the hell out).
All and all I would say that all the mods done have made me happy. The lower gearing gives me good acceleration (for a 600) and tons of wheelie power. Only think that gets to me is the pipe, It's a wee bit loud for my tastes. In the future I plan on making the switch to a 400 frame and 600 engine, not too hard considering my brother is a mechanic for a Yamaha and Honda dealer :)
Geez..I wrote a book.
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Mu toys,

92 FZR600
84VF500F (RIP)
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Ibanez RX
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I bought the bike just before Christmas, and as of now I have replaced the stock mirrors, removed the reflectors from the fenders, and cut the rear fender back(not drastically, still looks stock but does not hang below tag). I thought about a pipe, but as the stock pipe turns a nice golden color I'm starting to fall for it(also the micron for my bike just costs to much). Other than that I think my bike is perfect the way it came.

2000 Triumph Speed Triple
Roulette Green

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I have a 1995 ZX-7 with 13,000 miles on it. It has a Lockhart Phillips Dark Smoke Windscreen to go with the stock Black/Purple Pearl paint. It also has the rear fender modified to hide the turn signals and raise the plate. I installed a full Kerker pipe last weekend and it has Performance Machine Chicane Wheels. Thats it so far, but more mods coming.

Ocala, Fl
95 ZX-7

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I have a 99' CBR900RR with almost 2k on it now that I got Jan. 26, 00.

I have:

1. Removed all side reflectors
2. Put on a Two Bros. X-Metal slip-on
3. Polished as many little pieces as possible
4. Put on a Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreen
5. It came with replacement L.P. matching seats
6. Cut the rear fender as high as possible
7. Replaced front signals with smoked flush mount L.P. marker lights
8. Tank half bra
9. Carbon Fiber tank guard

In the works are:

1. Im adding a Sigma computer right now, its a pain but I hope its worth it
2. I will put on SS brake lines soon
3. I will replace the front seat with a Corbin
4. I will still be looking for a fender eliminator if I can find a nice one for a fair price
5. I need to replace the rear signals with shorter ones.

Thats it for now. I plan on going to Keith Code this year some time if that counts. (It will improve the performance of my bike!) :)

99 Yellow 900RR
email:[email protected]

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I have a '95 Kawasaki ZX7 and a '00 Honda
VFR 800.
I have had the ZX7 since new and It has the
following mod's.

Kehin 39mm FCR Flatslide carbs.
Muzzy full stainless exhaust.
Vance & Hines power pack.
Dyna coils/wires.
K & N air filter.
Barnett kevlar clutch/springs.
AFAM/RK sprockets and chain.
Michelin TX15 front & TX25 rear tire.
EBC brake pads.
Motul fluids inside.
Pro Grips and a little safety wire finish
the ZX7, the VFR is box stock.



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I name the mods on my newsest bike in the garage my 98ZX9R.

Bought used with 3,300 miles in June of 99

#1 Full Muzzy stainless system.

#2 Muzzy custom high pipe send bend and bracket.

#3 Removed rear pegs.

#4 Targa rear seat cowing.

#5 Moved the clip-ons underneath the tripple-clamp for a more aggressive riding position.

#6 Fox rear shock.

#7 AFAM aluminum sprocket set with 41 tooth rear (stock) and 15 tooth front (one down from stock)

#8 SBS chain.

#9 Speedscreen dark tinted windscreen.

In the works:

#1 Sigma computer.

#2 Stage II jet with 180 needles.

#3 Yosh rear-sets.

#4 Falicon crank work if I decide to keep the bike after I buy the new Ducati 996 in June.

Robert Basil
Sportbikeworld Admin
90 ZX7, 94 ZX9R, 97 ZX7R, 98 ZX9R.
It ain't easy being green, but it sure is fun!

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I have a 98TLR and have so far just replaced the stock exhaust with a yoshimura rs-3 race full system(stainless steel headers,gold anodized aluminum cans to match the yellow on the bike).I would like to do galfer braided lines all round,get the frame,swingarm and rims powder coated gloss black(to end up with a yellow/black bike rather than a yellow/black/silver bike,a liberal sprinkling of carbon fibre bits,tinted windscreen,Attack adjustable rearsets,possibly change the mickey mouse chain adjuster to something that is easier to use.These next items would be done if I won the lottery-fit a single sided swingarm(if the Muzzy Raptor can do it,why can`t I),of course new rims to go with the swingarm and a turbo(a blow through design with twin air to air intercoolers)running a modest 8-10 psi.One can dream......... ------------------------------------------- 98TLR Langley,BC "Better Predator Than Prey"


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Let's see. I have an '89 EX500. So far I have put in Progressive fork springs, a Koni rear shock/spring combo, changed the windshield to a Eurospeedscreen from Lockart Phillips, added a 1/2 tank bra from LP as well and put on new Bridgestone Battleax BT45 tires. Next up is to add a Targa full lower fairing and maybe a Corbin seat.

'89 EX500
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I have a '97 GSXR-600. The original fairing has been replaced with a Eurosport fairing with the Ducati 916 headlights. I have also added a Factory jet kit, a full Micron system with a carbon fiber can. I also just put on the EBC HH brake pads. I have yet to ride it as these have all been winter improvements (paid for by the lady who ran into me). Spring is coming too slowly.


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99 Ducati 900 Supersport:
- New chain and sprocket to go up 2 teeth in rear
- DP performance FI chip
- DP Remus Ti pipes
- Open airbox and K&N air filter
- Removal of rear fender
- trimmed the obnoxiously large Eruo plate frame to fit US plate
- of course the obligatory removal of all the warning stickers

On order:
- New 2000 model year windscreen - higher
- Monoposto tail piece
- Tireminder tire pressure monitor

Sprocket made a pretty good difference in torque. Of course the Duc is all about torque, but this just made it better :) The pipes are rather loud when cold, but rather quiet when the engine is hot.

2000 Monster:
- Stage 1 Dynajet
- Open airbox and K&N air filter
- D&D CF pipes
- trimmed the obnoxiously large Eruo plate frame to fit US plate

- Dan
'99 Ducati 900SS, '00 Monster 750

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My 94 CBR600F2 has the following:

-Yoshimura exhaust: It sounds good.
-Zero Gravity yellow screen: Colored screens get old after the years.
-Flush mount rear turn signals: Still like them.
-Motul 15w50 3100 Semi-Sythetic.
-DP pads (EBC HH's are here, just not in).
-Lockhart Al pegs.
-Street-n-Comp rear-set plates: work great.
-Pro-Grip Superbike grips--awesome.
-Factory shift kit--a most for a Honda.
-Dyno-Jet Stage 1--JC Sportbike in Nanticoke, PA did it. I'd suggest having a real race shop do your jetting if you're not sure how to do it yourself. My bike's jetting is spot-on near perfect.
-K&N filter.
-Fox shock--a must for every bike.
-Vance & Hines PowerPak--died, stock black box is back in.
-Michelin Race 1's front and rear (love them).

I detailed my 400 in the getting on track forum. Lots of crap.


94 CBR600F2 streetbike
88 FZR400 trackbike
e-mail:[email protected]

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Hmmm my Modifications.

1999 Kawasaki ZX9R (Blue)

Max Super White Bulbs (80/100's baby) So people see me!

Hacked off stupid rear fender and modified the plate bracket so it goes with the tire. Totally legal.

Hacked chain guard. Stupid thing was to long. I want to see that gear baby! Also track legal.

Replaced windscreen. Zero Gravity tinted

Replaced crappy d204's with d207's. (HOOK BABY HOOK!)

Replaced clutch already. DAMN DRAG STRIPS ARE ADDICTING :)

Fred Folkerts

Current mods to my 94 VFR are:
-TBR aluminum slip-on
-Fugi's Factory aluminum chain guard
-Zero Gravity Double Bubble tinted windscreen
-Second Look tankskin (black)
-Pro Gel grips
-Fender bob
-Dunlop D207s

The ZG screen is brand new, looks great on the bike, but I'm going to sell it. This screen redirects airflow wider and higher, but with my 6'1" frame, that airflow hits me right at the base of my helmet - TOO DARN LOUD over the stock screen. I'm looking for a tinted OEM-like screen, and in the meantime, I'm running with the stocker.

Future mods:
-None for the time being - I can't see putting anymore money in this bike when I want so badly to choose a new bike from the Y2K herd.
(Oops, forgot that I do have Y2K VFR mirrors ordered, but that's it.)

1994 VFR 750

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My 99 GSXR750 now has 8k miles.
The tank has an RK navigator bag and strap.
Wired for radar detector and Nady communicator.
Moved the rear signals to the license plate for soft bag clearance.
Have but not installed short-stalk II dual filament front turn signals (carbon fiber look), making them also running lights.
Want to add Helibars and Corbin seat.
Need to add a power outlet for the cell phone (battery only lasts 2 days standby).
Want to change to a smoked windscreen (Targa).
Need new fullsize tank bag and new saddlebags.
Need much louder horns, too.
Not to mention new jacket, boots, and color-coordinated helmet.
Funds are the only thing standing in the way...

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Hello. I have a 1998 SuperHawk.

I have the ugliest wind screen known to man! (at least that's what Stacia says) It's a Givi windscreen, very tall, lots of protection, brand new and only plan on using it for long rides. Other than that, I have a Targa tinted windscreen, a full Two Brother's carbon fiber high mount system, Galfer steel braided brake and clutch lines, carbon fiber hugger, carbon fiber front fender, Targa tank bra, shark skin inner rear fender, Gen-Mar bar risers, jet kit, K&N filter, Corbin carbon fiber look seat, Vista cruise throttle lock, painted lower fairing, Lockhart Phillips flush mount front turn signals, incorporated rear turn signals into tail light and Motul oil running through it's veins. Wear a Doohan replica helmet with a chatterbox when I ride.

My only plans for the future are to buy a CBR XX and keep the SuperHawk the way it is.

'98 SuperHawk

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Hello all! Well, I haven't got much done in mods on my 97 YZF600R, but I'm working on it:
- Put on Dunlop D207's, much sticker!! :D
- Zero-Gravity Smoked windscreen :cool:
- LP Black Half-Tank Bra
- Synthetic Motul oil (10w-40), better shifting :cool:
- Removed rear reflectors
- Trimmed off Rear Mudguard, See Ya!!
- Hacked up chain guard with Dremel, less plastic!!
- Installed LP Flush Mount III's up front
- Installed Airtech LED Marker Lights on rear.
- IRP Black Frame Sliders
- TBR Oval Polished Aluminum Slip-on :cool:

In the works:
- 520 size chain and Sprockets
- Super White Xeon Bulb :cool:
- New Tank Bra, LP one sucks!! Second-Look next. :mad:
- K&N air filter, if I can ever find one!! :confused:


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I have a '99 ZX-9R, blue.

I have:
1.Flushmount front turn signal
2.Short stalk mini rear turn signals
3.Removed all of rear fender
4.Mounted licence plate on custom bracket
5.Removed "ninja" and "zx9r" stickers
6.Targa rear seat cowl
7.Zero Gravity DB windscreen (smoke)
8.Race Tech gel grips
9.Race Tech tank guard
10. Sigma 800 bike computer
11. Swing arm, foot peg bracket and foot controls polished -- working on frame
12. Kyle Racing preload adjusters
13. Super white lightbulb

Need/want list:
1.SS braided brake lines with EBC brake pads
2.520 chain and sprockets
3.Rear sets
4.Hindle high pipe with proper jet set-up (of course)
5.Heavy duty clutch springs

Tony Anderson
Blue '99 ZX9R

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I have a '00 silver and red F4. so far i have added.

1. TBR X-Metal full exhaust
2. K&N Air filter
3. TBR Fender Eliminator
4. LP Carbon Fiber tank pad

Next mod will prbably be LP Flush mount Front Marker lights
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