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'00 F4 Ticking noise

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Anybody else have this?

Kinda sounds like a valve knockin. :(

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Get the bike in to the dealer. Mine doesn't have this problem, but I have heard of a few that HAVE had problems with the valves. Get it checked out if it is loud and persistent. If it's just the quiet ticking that's present when the bike is warming up, that's normal, but not if it continues when the bike is hot and if the ticking is loud. Besides, can't hurt to have it checked out and documented. :) Keep us posted.

'00 Honda CBR600F4
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Nope, can't say that I do. :( Sorry.

Dan F4 Red/Black
Thanks guys...I just got her 2 months ago and shes got 1,600 miles.
Might as well get the oil changed again, and have them check it out at the dealer.
Thanks again.

If you have low miles on the bike, say
under 5000, more often than not all this is
is a loose header bolt causing a small
exhaust leak which sounds like a small valve
tap. Carefully tighten the bolts a little
and see if it quiets it. Atleast this option
is free.

It's nice to have one of the biggest...
KrAcKeR said:
My god kracker, you just pulled up a 3 year old thread to say "yep":eek:
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