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  1. Speaking to Sky Sports, the Manchester United captain added
  2. make them really lead the round
  3. try to minimize the impact
  4. really want/need this
  5. lead investor will make it
  6. Within the round itself
  7. attracting and retaining a good team
  8. can become a pain as you try
  9. Investors may hurt you down
  10. giving aggressive liquidation preferences
  11. Like every other term you give
  12. some investors in your round over others
  13. Putting aside the moral and trust issues
  14. without actually having to pay
  15. A lead investor is usually aligned
  16. startups burning too much
  17. enough to occasionally point and laugh
  18. really care about valuations
  19. really care about valuations
  20. infographic depicting the so
  21. infographic depicting the so-called
  22. Auto Consider this Wall Street
  23. have unjustly ridden others
  24. sure seem to me to have stagnated
  25. became bloated and sclerotic
  26. darlings grew too fast
  27. that on the one hand
  28. remains a growth industry
  29. the tremors running through
  30. seems to be infesting unicorns
  31. trying to make a few quick
  32. swinging for the fences with new technology
  33. indicate more thinking outside
  34. culture is to empower founders to change
  35. honeyed purveyors often hope
  36. shortcuts to enormous wealth Granted
  37. Too many of the party crashers
  38. people seeking only to make
  39. seems increasingly like the commodity
  40. miraculous breakthroughs that altered
  41. Employees Can Take Advantage
  42. working spaces all over the world
  43. has always been a core set of people
  44. has always been a core set
  45. There has always been a core set
  46. acts as a gathering space
  47. nature of their roles within the company
  48. work in a way that makes
  49. taken steps to mitigate that
  50. even more mystifying when you consider
  51. deserves to notify you no matter
  52. basically automating the process
  53. that you haven't used
  54. have a much better chance
  55. used or if it's just sitting
  56. sort of thing device makers
  57. afraid to find inspiration from other
  58. being arcane and unknowable
  59. lets developers plug into it in a secure way
  60. Auto can dig into settings
  61. other thing about permissions
  62. need it instead of presenting
  63. still give you the typical slate
  64. settings area for changing it
  65. best to guess whether you're trying
  66. That could change over time
  67. feature can whiff before it trains
  68. There are only so many chances
  69. even if you do know
  70. feature is a little frustrating
  71. talk to regularly don't pop up
  72. damn near everything there is to know
  73. forgive the occasional miss
  74. straight up miss contextual clues
  75. But all too often, it doesn't work
  76. without making you try to nail
  77. Now on Tap will give you
  78. useful contextually relevant information
  79. biggest and most important feature
  80. There have always been little annoyances
  81. Auto make it less fiddly and better
  82. Auto into a search or an action
  83. Auto still has an aura of playfulness
  84. favor of a more restrained
  85. The entire time I was looking at
  86. Auto will test several different systems
  87. using sensors that is outfitted
  88. Now, it'll just be one
  89. taxis will dramatically cut down
  90. spent a long time trying to suss out
  91. Auto some of their wares here no
  92. includes 10 models for easy printing
  93. switch off the dashboard-mounted
  94. wants to remove all mystery
  95. approved a pilot to get rid of the obnoxious
  96. get rid of the obnoxious in-cab
  97. put on your robe and your wizard
  98. Auto some of their wares here
  99. King package includes a plethora
  100. Auto ultimately consumers they believe
  101. Auto large strict contracts to keep
  102. lucrative contracts notes that billions spent
  103. Auto in the business world essentially
  104. Auto claims that the biggest have an unfair
  105. Auto Danger is nearby go
  106. Auto something is glinting along
  107. Auto called the probe "perplexing
  108. Auto commonplace in most commercial
  109. Auto representing some of the smaller
  110. Auto hurting competition and ultimately
  111. Auto hoping for lucrative contracts
  112. Auto essentially crowding out other companies
  113. treated a number of seriously working
  114. Auto treated a number of seriously working
  115. treated a number of seriously working
  116. progressed would give to process
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