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Squidwannabe 04-20-2001 10:18 AM

No, I have never been over the indicated speed limit.

HUS 04-20-2001 10:35 AM

Thanx for posting my suggestion.

I pulled my buddy's stock Hayabusa to 205mph! So I figured that if that were to be corrected it would be about 196 or 197mph. So I voted 181-200mph. As far as my bikes TLR pulled to 175mph. I've had my 748 indicate 165mph which I figure is about 158mph corrected.

I gotta buddy that just got his ZX-12 back from some racing company up north and it dynoed at 178.6hp at the rearwheel. He tried to top it out and couldn't.....he said he saw it on 220mph!!!

Squidwannabe 04-20-2001 11:02 AM

Re: Speed..

Originally posted by HUS
Thanx for posting my suggestion.
Dream on man, Stop trying to steal my idea ... Ok ?

Sorry I forgot to mention it ..

Rob Nance 04-20-2001 12:03 PM

176 indicated on a 98 GSX-R 750 is it for me. For anyone familiar with the area, it was heading out to Maryland International Raceway, a drag strip near the North VA, DC, MD area. Right before you get to the track there is this road with wide sweepers, ie 150+ mile an hour turns, that wide.

qbclub13 04-20-2001 12:09 PM

My zx9 speedo said 160 but we all know that it is too fat slow and ugly to do that :D .Seriously it had alot more to go but I got scared and let off it was on I-55 heading for Sardis Miss.

HondaNut! 04-20-2001 01:11 PM

I got my Trail 70 OVER 40 on the speedo once, I figure thats 38 corrected :D

Birdman 04-20-2001 01:25 PM

Instead of speculating how optimistic the stock speedometer is I just voted according to indicated speed. 190 on the XX and still pulling but I couldn't see over a rise so I backed off.

Now where's that thread about cops monitoring web sites? Honest officer, I was lying. I made it all up. :D;)

RCjohn 04-20-2001 01:42 PM

Indicated 157... :eek:

...but it was in a turn and I was dragging a knee. :D

Don't we all have about a 10% error? :confused:

swoop 04-20-2001 08:25 PM

170+ on L.A.'s 405 freeway at 2 o'clockat night/morning.
Tried to go faster but bike and myself wasn't broke in yet. Next time!:)

tim_n2 04-20-2001 09:16 PM

I was doin about 10mph down my driveway last week, had to pull over and rest..............LOL ;)

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