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inanima 06-21-2000 03:28 AM

Bought a Chase Harper Magnetic tank bag recently and I have to say it's been great. I was a little worried at first that it would fly off, as it's held only by the magnets onto the tank(it has a safety strap, but I didn't bother with it), but it sticks through every turn and high speed run like glue.

It doesn't hold a huge amount, so I'm wondering: should I go for saddlebags as well(I do some touring); if so soft or hard bags? Corbin makes some good looking hard bags but very expensive($800!) Do saddlebags affect handling/stability much? Anybody ever had them stolen?

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Tristan 06-21-2000 04:46 AM

I have a Ventura Bike Pack system on my VTR and would recommend it over saddlebags. The brackets, rack, and 45 liter bag cost $260 total. The brackets hide well when the bag's off, but I leave the bag on all the time. If I take a long trip, I'll buy another 45 liter bag which zips back to back onto the other bag. I don't use a tankbag anymore because it interferes with me trying to move around during cornering.

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auger 06-21-2000 07:09 AM

I torture tested my Chase Harper et4000 saddlebags in june `93.On route 66 in southern California-142mph.The bags held up fine.


Scooter 06-21-2000 02:56 PM

I just got back from an 1100 mile trip to the Superbike races at Road America. We were out for 5 days. I took a Chase Harper tank bag, Chase Harper tail bag and saddle bags to handle everything I needed. The other bikes in the group were similarly equiped.

The saddle bags were some low-end "Tour Rider" ($90) and did everything I asked them to do. I crammed them FULL of stuff, and they hung on fine, even though we got a little aggressive during the ride out there. Coming back, they survived a torrential downpour without getting anything wet.

Point is, you don't have to spent a ton to get the utility you need to carry your stuff. Look around. Sometimes you can find exactly what you need without having to wear out the old VISA card.

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dave 06-25-2000 01:38 PM

i have chase harper 3500 saddle bags there great, i cant see paying 840$ for hard bags, plus they doent come off easy, i doent like bags on all the time


Hurricane 06-25-2000 02:46 PM

I've heard people don't like 'em, but I've got a set of Chase Harper Stealth bags for my bike. They are nicely shaped, albeit a bit small, and they hold their shape when empty giving the appearance of a good hard bag. They don't come with rain covers, so you've gotta "garbage bag" everything inside. I rode for two hours in the pouring rain, the bottom of the bags were SOAKED- but there were no signs of moisture at all inside the bags. Chase Harper says the Stealth bags are constructed of a proprietary material and call them "water resistant"- to me, they feel like thick neoprene (wetsuit material) on the inside and cordura on the outside. They were sort of pricey compared to other bags, but have nice lines to them. I packed mine completely full and couldn't even tell they were there. Mounting is simple and features a quick release set up. Take a look at them, see what you think. They were enough for me to take a week's worth of gear in tow.

Although, I don't usually ride with any sort of bags at all, so YMMV.



Mr.TrevorClever 06-25-2000 06:29 PM

I was all about getting the Ventura rack and bags like Tristan mentioned, but that second bag would have drained my pockets at the time. They look like the best way to go though for capacity and stability. I ended up getting a Marsee tailbag to match my Marsee tankbag; I can't complain, especially with the lifetime warranty.



Ross 06-27-2000 03:51 PM

I have the Ventura rack & pack, it's quick and easy to take on & off, and the rack suits the lines of the bike quite well.

I have not had a problem with wet gear, I ride everyday, rain or shine and the soft bags hold up well.

Ross cbrxx

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