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ziggins 02-17-2003 03:03 PM

1980 cx500
havent been able to get the bike to start.
- changed the plugs
- drained the old gas
- cleaned ... not rebuild carbs ...
- put new gas in (of course)
- i did notice alot of water/gas/or oild mixture at the bottom of the air filter box .. what was that ??

my guess is to just do a whole engine rebuild(or carb rebuild ); anyone know who sell an engine rebuild kit for th 80' 496cc cx ???

- or any other suggestion you guys may think it is, let me know
appreciate it

nice lookin board by the way :thumb:
- ziggins

ziggins 02-17-2003 06:04 PM

or perhaps , even some performance parts websites .. if they have them
any info would be greatly apreciated

waynofzr 02-20-2003 07:27 AM

I will assume that the bike has not been started in some time, maybe years.

My friend and I just went through this last year. He has a VF1000 that had sat in a garage for 11 years. 1st thing was he had to have the gas tank sent out to be cleaned and coated inside. 10YO gas looked and smelled like crap and a new tank was out of his range. Then we had to make sure it turned over and was not locked up. Just push it with it in gear. Then we took the carbs off the bike and gave them a detailed cleaning and he installed a Dynojet kit. They were also in poor shape. I will assume the bike is turning over OK. If not, you may need to disassemble the alternator and clean it up with some sandpaper to the armature and brushes. You may also have some electrical problems and may need something like a rectifier. I really can't help you troubleshoot electrics. Like all engines, if you have gas and spark it should fire. Also, do not be concerned at the amount of noise when the engine first fires. The engine noise should die down after a few minutes.

In addition to the engine, you should drain all brake, clutch, coolants, etc and replace with new if it has been sitting for a long time.

Dad 02-20-2003 07:52 AM

When you say "clean the carbs", does that mean disassembled and cleaned internally or just externally? If you haven't taken them apart for a good cleaning, that's probably it. The crud in the air cleaner can be normal. The crankcase vent is routed there to run the crankcase fumes through the motor, burning them, rather than just venting to atmosphere. Some mist comes with those fumes but will be worse in a worn out engine. I wouldn't worry about that. If it's got problems warranting attention, they will show up in performance or oil consumption.

Remove the plugs and make sure they aren't wet from your previous attempts. If they aren't new, replace them. A shot of starting ether sprayed into the carbs or a small amount of gas squirted in, then cranking over should get a short burst out of the engine that would verify that the ignition and such are functioning and that it's a fuel problem. If you decide to introduce fuel straight into the intake like this, DO NOT do it while turning the engine over. With everything off, introduce the fuel, move all containers WAY away from the area, keep yourself away from the intake, and ONLY THEN try to start it. It can backfire through and light up anything flammable in the immediate vicinity. That might narrow your search dramatically. Good luck.

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